The Wedding Stroll | Not Sure What to gain at a Bridal Show?
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Not Sure What to gain at a Bridal Show?

Not Sure What to Gain at a Bridal Show?

3 Must Have Goals Before You Go

The Wedding Stroll


Whether you’re getting married in one month or in one year, planning your special day can be one of the most exciting things you do in your lifetime.  It can also be one of the most overwhelming!

These days, it’s not uncommon to have almost everything you need at your fingertips – literally!  From browsing the internet to Skyping vendors across the world, you have the opportunity to not even leave your home while planning every detail.

So, why attend a bridal show then? 

Simple.  To make your wedding planning less overwhelming and that much easier.

However, we find that just attending a bridal show doesn’t guarantee planning to be a breeze.  It means that having specific goals for going to the show is where the success lies!

What goals do we mean? Read more to find out!


  1. Know What You Need Help With & Find It.

As much as we like to think we can do it all, the majority of us can’t – at least without much unneeded stress!

One of the most important things you can do throughout your planning process is realize and acknowledge what you need professional help with. 

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First, think about how you want your wedding day to feel.  Do you want to be relaxed and taken care of or do you prefer being in the mix of the hustle and bustle?  Do you prefer for your family and friends to be enjoying themselves with a mimosa and telling great stories while getting your hair done or do you not mind asking them to put out place cards that can even take the best planners a while to do correctly?

Take time to really consider what’s most important to you that day and what control you need to give up and get professional help with.  Yes, it may cost a little bit.  But be mindful of the cost of worrying about if you’re going to cry walking down the aisle versus worrying about the linens not arriving on time for the caterer, the outlets not working for the friend dj, or putting up the homemade photo booth in time.

Once you know what you need help with, write it down and bring that list with you to the show.  If you don’t connect with anyone in that specific field, ask another vendor that you do connect with for

  1. Bring Back 2-3 New Ideas.

Again, you have everything at the blink of an eye (or as fast as your internet works!) when looking for creative ideas.  However, many of them may not be feasible…especially in your budget.

A bridal show is the perfect opportunity for you to talk (YES, TALK!) with vendors about pictures you’ve seen and ideas they have.

One of our favorite questions to ask a vendor?

What is something you have been desiring to do for a wedding that you’ve never done before?

We love to listen to their ideas.  They are typically from professionals who have been in the industry for many, many years and have seen MANY, MANY things – a lot that is just the same from wedding to wedding.  By asking them what they haven’t seen and have been really wanting to do, you may be quite surprised at the creative, unique ideas they have.

And, one of those may be just perfect for you.

  1. Relax and Have an Open Mind.

Wedding heels (and accompanying blisters) just not your thing?  Definitely a no-go on the chicken dance your family loves so much?  How about just not liking cake?

That’s okay!  Your wedding doesn’t have to be a remake of everyone else’s – OR everyone else’s expectations!

However, it can be fun to find ways to put new spins on old traditions.  The one thing to make sure you have when coming up with those ways?  An Open Mind.John Craig Winter Park

When attending a bridal show, make it a goal to think outside the box and use the conversations you have with professionals and the things you see in brochures and at booths to inspire you to make your wedding your own.  You don’t have to take everything for face value!

For example, ask a cool dj his or her ideas on a crazy fun dance the family will love, but making sure it’s not to a song you dislike.  Ask a bakery if there are other fun ways to celebrate with something sweet instead of traditional cake (mini pies, anyone?!).  Or talk to a photographer or bridal store representative about alternatives to uncomfortable dressy shoes (photographers have seen it all and a bridal store has good fashion sense!).

We can’t wait to see what inspires you.

Attending a bridal show can be a wonderful way to have fun with friends, spend time with mom, and have a date day with your significant other.  But it can also be an opportunity to make your wedding day that much less stressful, more one-of-a-kind, and just more fun!

If you’re planning an Orlando or Central Florida wedding and are looking for anything from wedding planners to make-up artists, don’t look any further!  Buy your tickets now for the Downtown Orlando Wedding Stroll on June 3!

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