The Wedding Stroll | 5 Wedding Traditions We Still Can’t Get Enough Of
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5 Wedding Traditions We Still Can’t Get Enough Of

Okay, so the garter toss and chicken dance may be scratched off your wedding day agenda, but that doesn’t mean every wedding tradition has to be!

Some of our most memorable and favorite moments are based on traditions steeped in weddings for generations.  It’s a beautiful way to honor the past in the present.  And while some traditions may seem outdated and tacky, there are still some that we love dearly.

Here are our top 5 wedding traditions that we still love!

1. The Unveiling of the Bride.  

We understand that this may not be possible for every bride, depending on the headpiece she chooses to wear, but for those wearing a veil, this is a special moment.  We love when a bride covers her face with a veil only to be revealed by her father (or escort down the aisle) to her future husband.  

This surprise moment is, well…momentous!  For both the groom and the guests, this is a grand moment of any ceremony.

2. Something Old…

We’ve all seen it in the movies – the bride getting married at the last minute, her bridesmaids searching for something old, something blue…but there’s a sweet touch to this tradition that personalizes each wedding.

We’ve seen brides carry rings of their grandmothers, have a blue heart sewn into their wedding dress, and even best friend co-workers give a bride their name tags to pin on her crinoline!  

Even though you may hear this traditional saying frequently, but remember that this is a way for you to make your day even that much more meaningful.  Make it special, but be playful at the same time!  It makes for great pictures and stories to tell!

3. The Dollar Dance.

Many couples want a much more formal or chic wedding reception, and we love that as well.  But, bringing in a few dances that older generations can appreciate and new generations can experience can be priceless!  Well, unless it’s the dollar dance!

The dollar dance is announced by the DJ or band at some point during the reception.  At this time, anyone can dance with the bride and anyone can dance with the groom – they just must pay at least a dollar!

It’s an amazingly fun way for guests to spend a few moments with the bride or groom, dancing and congratulating.  Each guest dances for a short time and then hands the bride or groom off to the next person in line.  

We have seen this go on for a few songs and lines that have been quite long!  One of our team members remembers this as one of her favorite memories of the reception.  She even danced with an uncle who knows how to ballroom dance – it was such a special moment of the night!

And another perk of the dollar dance?  The little extra you go home with!  Many couples choose to spend it during their honeymoon or save it to celebrate their first anniversary.

4. One Year Anniversary Cake!

We know it doesn’t sound the greatest.  Year old cake.  And, it may not taste very good, either.  But it’s so much fun!

If you’re serving cake or cupcakes, ask a bridesmaid to take the top tier after the wedding.  She can research how to store it as best as possible and then place it in your freezer until your one year anniversary.

Our advice?  Definitely try it and either enjoy or have some laughs a year later AND ask your caterer to make a new tier so you can indulge in a fresh one too!

5.  Carrying Her Over The Threshold.

Whether it’s carrying the bride over the threshold into a hotel room the night of the wedding or into your house the next day, this gesture is total romance.  We even had a groom pick up his bride after their last song of the night and carry her off while guests waved goodbye with sparklers.  How romantic!

If you live in Orlando or Central Florida or having a wedding in either of these areas and are in search of a ideas that will be nostalgic in a modern way, get your tickets to our upcoming Wedding Stroll!  You’ll have the opportunity to see things in person and meet with top wedding professionals!

You never know…we may just be able to come up with a new tradition of your own that is passed down for future generations!

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