The Wedding Stroll | FAQ
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Some of our more frequently asked questions.

Who puts it together?

The event was the brainchild of Maureen Hall Stationery who partnered with Michele Butler Events to help bring it to reality.

How long has it been around?

2018 will be the eighth annual event and we think the best yet. There are many changes coming to the event this year.

What is the Wedding Stroll?

Couples and their families are encouraged to stroll Park Avenue and surrounding areas tasting food and drink and enjoying intimate experiences with the wedding vendors involved.

Who are the couples?

We are striving to bring discerning qualified clients. The couples are your mid to high-range couples who are looking to set their wedding apart. We will be finding our couples this year by using high end property, company and vendor lead lists and running social media campaigns.

Who are the vendors involved?

The most prestigious wedding and event vendors that Orlando and surrounding areas has to offer.